IT risk assessment

Performing an IT Risk Assessment

When was your last IT Risk Assessment?  Possible online risks or threats are now a concern for all organizations. As a consequence, risk assessments should be a fundamental part of your business processes. These assessments will reveal any potential threats that might cause problems for your organization. By detecting them before they happen, you can …

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Cloud Security

Cloud Security as a Service

Thanks to the cloud, it’s possible for all kinds of businesses, organizations and individuals to take advantage of remote security services. IT infrastructures can be secured in a variety of ways using the cloud. Hiring a company to provide security as a service has numerous advantages for a variety of different reasons. This all means …

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ISO-27001 Compliance

What is ISO-27001 Compliance?

ISO-27001 Compliance is a security certification for Information Security Management Systems.  If your company has achieved ISO-27001 compliance than you are better prepared to combat or counter a cyber attack, you have identified your risks. It shows that you have identified the risks and consequences of breaches, you are keeping supplier/customer data up to date, …

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SaaS Security

How SaaS Security can Fix Your Blind Spots

It can be hard to detect your security blind spots because, well, you can’t see them.  The right kind of security technology can!  Request a Free Assessment of your blind spots today!  More businesses of all sizes are relying on Software as a Service (SaaS) applications. This includes things like Cloud storage apps and project …

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Real Time Threat Monitoring

Real Time Threat Monitoring: Does Your Company Have It?

This article covers what real time threat monitoring is and what the benefits are of having it. Modern businesses face more threats now than ever, and that’s primarily due to a little thing called cybercrime. Almost all companies currently store at least some information online.  Thieves can gain easier and broader access to a wide …

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What is SOAR

What Is SOAR? How Can It Improve Detection and Remediation

What is SOAR and why does your business security depend on it? SOAR is short for Security Orchestration, Automation and Response. It is a technology stack that is improves a business’s security operations. As cyber criminals become more advanced it’s increasingly more important to protect a business’s data and network. Cyber attacks could come in …

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fully managed security operations

Fully Managed Security Operations

Are you considering outsourcing your security operations? In business, there’s often a temptation to do everything in-house. Your business is very important to you. Handing it over can seem daunting. The moment you outsource, you might imagine that you’ll lose a certain level of control. Undeniably, some things are best kept in the business. In-house …

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