SOC for Cybersecurity

SOC for Cybersecurity

In today’s world, information systems are incredibly interconnected, but this comes with a price. Because most organizations conduct some portion of their business in cyberspace, they open themselves up to a new level of risk. Who they are, what they do, and what information they possess can make businesses targets for malicious attackers. Reputation damage, …

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What does a SOC Expert Do?

These days, cybersecurity has never been more important for companies around the globe. Even though many companies use the most sophisticated and latest versions of antivirus software, firewalls, and various other resources, there is no denying that criminal hackers and other threats are getting a lot more sophisticated as well. Companies need to always be …

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SOC Providers

The Best Managed SOC Providers

Are you still trying to safeguard your business data in-house? Managed SOC providers ensure better security for less money while adhering to all the regulations. Here’s how.   Keeping your business data safe from cyberattacks can be daunting. Do you sell products online or store client information in the Cloud? IT-based businesses are more at …

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Outsourced SOC

SOC as a Service: Outsourced SOC

Have you been thinking about an outsourced SOC? Here are some great reasons why using a managed SOC might make sense for your organization. More and more companies are experiencing high-profile data breaches and cyber attacks. CIOs and CISOs are looking for ways to ensure that their organizations are protected from these digital threats. On …

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What Is SOAR and What Role Does It Play in Security Operations?

Does your cybersecurity system SOAR? It should! One of the biggest issues to plague security teams is the constant stream of alerts and incident reports. Sometimes there are virtually no important alerts to deal with. Then, a sudden incident or online threat produces an overwhelming number of urgent alerts. This can be fatiguing, tiresome, and …

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SOC-as-a-Service: What You Need to Know

Cybercriminals today have become more advanced and sophisticated than we could’ve ever imagined in the past. They are no longer lone wolves finding exploits in systems and exploiting them for personal gain. Now, they hunt in groups with specialized roles, working together to bring down large systems with denial-of-service attacks, steal sensitive data and extort …

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