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L7 Application Monitoring

L7 Application Monitoring

Your data system has various layers of security, like an onion. And threats can be present at any one of them.

There are 7 layers in the Open System Interconnection (OSI) model of system organization:

  • Layer 1: Physical - This is where data is vulnerable at the physical level. Stuff like cables, cards, and other hardware.
  • Layer 2: Data Link - This is where data packets become bits, and where networks get permission to access and transmit files.
  • Layer 3: Network - At this layer, data is transmitted from node to node. This is the layer where switches and routers should be monitored for malevolent activity
  • Layer 4: Transport - This is where data is completely transferred between different hosts.
  • Layer 5: Session - At this layer, connections between systems and applications are coordinated and managed.
  • Layer 6: Presentation - This layer, (aka the Syntax layer) is where data is translated into a form that the user-facing application can accept.
  • Layer 7: Application - This is where the data meets the user. Data privacy and user authentication, service quality, and any specific data needs of the application in question.

Where most security companies may only focus on 2-3 of these layers, Bitlyft Cybersecurity has broad and deep network visibility and threat monitoring that discovers attacks at any level.