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Log Management & Reporting

Log Management & Reporting

There are plenty of log management services out there that will store your logs and send you regular reports. But without data correlation and establishing the overall context of your system, those reports will not reflect whether the data you are monitoring is high value or low value.

Your system is constantly generating data, which can be accessed from multiple endpoints… places like firewalls, routers, servers and computers. But not all endpoints provide high value data for threat reporting.

By being able to correlate your system’s data, we can pinpoint areas of concern so that threats can be uncovered quickly. Imagine your data as pieces of a jigsaw puzzle: if you receive your logs as pieces in a big pile, it would be harder to pinpoint an error than if someone took the time to assemble most of the puzzle for you. When you see the big picture of your system’s data context, it’s easier to spot the data that doesn’t fit.

Logs are collected and stored for fast review, allowing us to determine and filter out the most relevant logs for effective reporting.