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Threat Remediation

Threat Remediation

Cut the mean time to detection and response down from days to seconds with our 24/7 SOC team who actively monitors and performs real-time threat remediation.

Because of our team’s true visibility into all elements of your data systems, they are able to look across all of your networks, servers and endpoints to remediate threats when and where they occur.

Our threat remediation process:

  • Step 1: SIEM software monitors your entire infrastructure and cloud systems.
  • Step 2: BitLyft teams and technology identify anomalous activity.
  • Step 3: We determine how that activity deviates from the status quo.
  • Step 4: We determine the threat level of the activity, whether the activity is known to be benign or malevolent, or whether the activity is previously unknown.
  • Step 5: If the activity is determined to be a threat, alarms will be sent and threat remediation will be triggered.
  • Step 6: Depending on the level of clearance and the seriousness of the threat, BitLyft will either contact you to determine next actions, or proactively stop the activity.
  • Step 7: Determine the conditions of the threat, and put safeguards in place to avoid similar threats in the future.