Unique Use Cases

• Need to collect from complex and customized Electronic Medical Record (EMR) applications

• Limited ability for custom log collection and/or normalization support for EMR platforms

• Lucrative government incentives for demonstrating Meaningful Use of certified electronic health record (EHR) systems.


• HIPAA Compliance Automation Module with out-of-the-box reports (40+), AI Engine rules, and alerts that map to HIPAA requirements

• Integrated File Integrity Monitoring to detect, alert, and report on unauthorized alterations and destruction of sensitive healthcare information

• Quick start deployment guides for rapid set-up

Differentiated Capabilities

• Custom support for log collection and parsing from proprietary EMRs

• Integration with FairWarning to aggregate and alert on events and violations from over 150 EMRs

• Real-time security monitoring of EHR platforms: Epic McKesson, GE, MediTech, Siemens

• Privileged User Monitoring to protect electronic Patient Health Information (PHI)

LogRhythm Healthcare Customers