The BitLyft AIR Platform

Our BitLyft platform consists of 4 key pillars to illuminate and eliminate cyber threats. Watch our introduction video to see how our platform can help you stop threats and keep your organization safe or schedule your first call.


Security Information Event Management (SIEM)

VISIBILITY. We ingest logs and utilize user behavior analytics to identify threats to see and understand what's happening in your network, both on-prem, cloud, and SaaS applications. This also where we can create reports for meeting compliance.

Security Operations Center (SOC)

SECURITY TEAM. Our platform has trained security analysts, engineers, and developers as fully functioning operations center to detect and remediate threats in your environment.

Security Orchestration Automated Response (SOAR)

SPEED. Automation makes you safer by reducing the time it takes to remediate threats. Our platform includes integrations into your existing SaaS, hardware, and other technology without you having to write a line of code.

Central Threat Intelligence (CTI)

SMARTER. Our central threat intelligence provides anyone connected to our platform with instant threat protection from known and vetted attacks. Our data warehouse is a repository of intelligence that preemptively protects your environment without having to update and maintain threat feeds.

Benefits of BitLyft

Your Cybersecurity Partner

24/7 Monitoring

You never have to worry about missing a threat when your internal IT team is busy, unavailable, sleeping, or on vacation.

Expert-Level SOC Team

Extend your SOC team’s knowledge base and response rate with BitLyft at a fraction of the price of an internal team.

Reduce Remediation Time

We turn response time from days into seconds so attacks are stopped before they have a chance to wreak havoc.

Collaboration & Communication

Our SOC team comes alongside your team to listen and respond to your biggest concerns so we’re in constant sync with your top priorities.

SIEM Installation & Management

Our team can help you install, tune, and get the most of SIEM technology to reduce any internal knowledge gap and ensure proper utilization.

Easier Compliance & Faster Reporting

We provide automated modules that make reaching necessary compliance and reporting less of a burden to your team and reduce the cost to your organization.

Faster Processes & Responses

Our SOAR modules can automate your tasks, alarms, and actions to reduce your team’s time spent on manual processes and increase responsiveness.

Crowdsourced Immunization

Receive immediate immunization from attacks on others from our Central Threat Intelligence (AI), so you’re protected before attackers even try it on you.

Contextual-Based Protection 

We learn your unique environment to provide a customized protection solution that fits your organization's needs and growth plans.

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