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3 Ways XDR Security Improves SOC Efficiency

Did you know that the SOC market is projected to reach nearly $2 billion by 2027?

An SOC is the nerve center of any company's security infrastructure. They not only perform the crucial task of keeping the network safe, but work on remediation and prevention strategies as well. And unfortunately, our increasingly interconnected world makes preventing cyberattacks all the more difficult.

For a security operations center in need of comprehensive solutions, XDR may be the answer. XDR security is a holistic, cost-effective solution. It provides cutting-edge SOC security that system admins need in the battles to come.

Join us as we discuss how XDR security will improve your SOC's efficiency.

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What Is XDR Security?

XDR (extended detection and response) is an all-encompassing security solution. Unlike EDR (endpoint detection and response), it goes above and beyond standard scans and virus signatures. Rather than focusing on endpoint devices, XDR attempts to cover all your bases.

XDR achieves this through a couple of key principles.

Real-Time Event Monitoring and Response

Unlike EDR, XDR cybersecurity secures the entire system all at once. A standard security setup might focus on incoming traffic, flagging anomalous activity, and applying bog-standard request denials. XDR, however, seeks to identify intrusions and malicious activity wherever they may be.

Preventing hackers doesn't mean just denying suspicious traffic. Hackers often exploit their way into a network and then begin their labor using hijacked credentials without the admin's knowledge. XDR attempts to find the signatures of this activity even once it's in the network.

Utilization of AI and Datasets

Most network security runs by scripts and rules. It filters all activity by the same standard. It only intervenes when something ticks the boxes of some preset threat identifiers.

XDR, as far as cybersecurity solutions work, tries to go a step further. It uses advanced AI, trained on up-to-date datasets, to attack problems in a dynamic fashion.

Hackers rely on systems that overlook seemingly normal activities that can cover up malicious behavior. Using AI trained for pattern recognition, XDR can identify a breach in the making. It can then apply advanced solutions to deal with the threat.

Finite Control Across Disparate Systems

Every network these days is an amalgamation of many distinct pieces. You have hardware firewalls, local servers, cloud services, SoC devices, and so on. Oftentimes each and every system requires its own unique security solution.

With XDR, all your bases are covered. XDR provides holistic security that extends from a simple microcontroller to a complete network stack. It aims to be the last security solution you need, rather than one among many.

How Does XDR Security Benefit a SOC?

SOC (security operations center) is the security team behind the scenes that keeps any network running. They handle everything security related, from strategy to execution. They make sure companies stay compliant, and coordinate whatever security plan they bring to fruition.

Needless to say, the job of a SOC member is stressful. They carry the weight of the entire organization's security on their shoulders. And they know that it's not a matter of if they get hacked, but when.

3 XDR Security Benefits for SOC

A SOC often has to work around a wide range of systems. They have to deal with the limitations of hardware and software. They have to not only monitor the network for developing threats, but mitigate the damage from successful intrusions.

For a system administrator, XDR might just be the solution to online security. Let's discuss just a few of the reasons why.

A Focused, Automated Defense

As mentioned, most systems focus on incoming traffic and monitor for suspicious activity. They run standard scans in the hope of discovering malware or the work of a bad actor. But the problem with most security systems is their lack of efficiency.

XDR is more like a bloodhound in how it handles online security. Using patterns trained from datasets, it prioritizes problem areas first. Its efficiency contributes to its effectiveness.

Remember, hackers have access to AI as well. They send out crawlers to knock on ports in search of vulnerabilities. These AI can help them craft malware that slips by defenses.

The only way to fight AI is with more AI. An AI-enabled XDR defense solution is one that can identify patterns that humans might otherwise miss. It will be an essential part of any security strategy.

System Visibility

Getting a top-down view proves difficult for those headlining a SOC. It means jumping through hoops to collect logs and batch reports from entirely different systems. That not only wastes time, but it makes it difficult to get a proper lay of the land.

XDR provides a more comprehensive bird's eye view of the situation. System admins can obtain an accurate evaluation of their current security posture, meaning they can devote their energies where they're needed most. It also means they get a better reading of the situation in the midst of a cyberattack.

Improved Security Strategies Going Forward

XDR serves to inform the SOC about its weaknesses, too. Analysis from system admins equipped with next-gen XDR AI can identify holes and potential vulnerabilities. That means security will only improve in the future.

A security strategy could make a massive difference in the event of a breach. It informs what triggers should constitute a red alert, how security teams should respond, and how comprehensive that response will be. With XDR in hand, the SOC team can build a more effective strategy.

Get XDR Security for Your SOC

The SOC serves to direct an organization's security affairs, from prevention to execution. The challenges a SOC deals with in most environments hinder its ability to provide top-notch security. XDR provides a comprehensive, top-to-bottom solution for admins running all types of networks.

Next-gen XDR is ready to provide a customized security solution for your organization. Check out BitLyft today and build a stronger, more secure future for your network.

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