SIEM as a Service

More than a Managed Service or MDR

Great Cyber Security Starts with SIEM Visibility

Our SIEM as a service (or SIEMaaS) is the foundation of our security platform. We provide full installation, tuning, and management of the leading Next-Gen SIEM systems.

Security Information Event Management (SIEM) software collects data from different technologies within your system. It monitors and analyzes that data for deviations and possible security risks and allows an analyst to take the appropriate action against those threats.

BitLyft provides a cost effective deployment of SIEM technology for your network to give you greater visibility for spotting threats and remediating attacks. This allows organizations to implement user behavior analytics, application monitoring, network forensics and analytics, log management and compliance reporting and file integrity monitoring.


siem installation

SIEM Installation

BitLyft will install and deploy Next-Gen SIEM technology on your network giving you greater visbility to your log and event environment.

siem tuning

SIEM Tuning

BitLyft consistently tunes and refines your SIEM to capture information, alerts, and data that's important to your organizational needs and security.

siem management

SIEM Management

BitLyft manages the SIEM with level-4 security engineers so your IT team doesn't have to spend their time sorting through logs, alerts, and playbooks.

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Magic Quadrant for
Security Information and Event Management

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2020 Gartner Magic Quandrant for SIEM

We Know Next-Gen SIEM

We have preferred partnerships with the leading Next-Gen SIEM technology companies. BitLyft specializes in Securonix and systems and packages them into a SIEMaaS and SOCaaS model for our clients to save them money, time, and resources on their path toward better cyber security.


More Than SIEM as a Service

Advanced technology requires advanced operation. Our level-4 SOC team is skilled and versatile in utilizing SIEM to its full potential to reach your security goals and beyond. We offer more than just a managed security service by providing insights and contextual data for you to make better security decisions. We also provide our clients with instantly deployable SOAR technology and advanced AI crowdsourced threat feeds through our Central Threat Intelligence (CTI) protection system.


What our clients are saying about our SIEMaaS

"For us to try to replicate that level of performance internally would require a huge investment and additional resources not just to do the research but to monitor everything 24/7 outside of our business hours"

Josh H.
Chief Information Officer (Financial Services)

"Since working with Bitlyft, we've gained much more insight and visibility into the activity taking placing in environment which leaves us more more knowledgeable... us a better view of our entire threat landscape."

Ben S.
IT Director (Manufacturing)

"BitLyft works in concert with our SIEM. BitLyft is extremely important and invaluable to us as a virtual canary in the coal mine, which provides proactive monitoring and lets us know if something is going on that we need to be aware of, which helps us to quickly remediate it"

Mike M.
Information Security Officer (Higher Education)
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