Unique Use Cases

• Increasing cyber attacks targeted at energy and pipeline infrastructure

• Continued automation and SCADA devices result in more network access points and increased vulnerability

• NERC CIP (Critical Infrastructure Protection) standards apply to all entities that “materially impact” the reliability of the bulk power system



• NERC CIP Automation Module includes out-of-the-box reports (100+), AI Engine rules (55+), and alerts—all at no additional cost. Supports both v3 and v5

• Automatic categorization of enterprise in accordance with NERC CIP-002-1 Critical Cyber Asset Identification standards

• Disaster Recovery and High Availability solutions available at each layer (collection, indexing, analytics)


Differentiated Capabilities 

• Continuous monitoring of critical assets

• Specific support for SCADA devices

• Secure, one-way diode compatibility allows communication on highly secure networks

• Out-of-the-box analytics for protecting critical assets

• Smart Response TM plug-ins for proactive security and compliance enforce


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