We exist to illuminate and
eliminate cyber threats

At BitLyft, we believe people deserve to have their technology protected from cyber threats. That’s why we’re building a community of cybersecurity advocates who are dedicated to creating a safer cyber landscape. Our team consists of passionate and innovative security analysts, developers, and strategists to help others achieve and exceed their cybersecurity goals.

A Reputation Built on Trust

Trust is the core on which we've built our company and relationships with partners. We treat your environment like it’s our own and become an extension your the team through communication, honesty, and trust.

Passionate & Innovative

We are the type of people that are never satisfied with what is in front of us. We are passionate about security, technology, and challenging the status quo in our industry to equip you with the best security solutions.

Approachable, Helpful Guides

Nothing is easy or simple about cybersecurity, but we all need great protection. Our job is to handle the complicated and challenging aspects of security and translate them into meaningful and useful insights for you to achieve your mission.


We believe you deserve to have your technology protected from cyber threats

We start by equipping you with visibility and insight because we know you can’t protect what you don’t see.

Instead of overloading you with alerts to try and sort through, we provide information that’s relevant to your specific needs.

Whether it’s remediating account compromises, meeting compliance, or making sense of types of threats you’re up against, we’re here to help you succeed in your cybersecurity goals.

What Our Partners Say About BitLyft

“Before we had BitLyft helping us, we would spend hours with multiple departments working on each individual account compromise. With the help of BitLyft, we’ve been able to come up with a process that has narrowed that down to reaction before the compromise even happens.”

General Manager,

What Our Partners Say About BitLyft

“It’s a great partnership and I feel like BitLyft is part of my staff and we are working together in our cybersecurity efforts.”

Chief Information Officer,
Higher Education

What Our Partners Say About BitLyft

"Since working with Bitlyft, we've gained much more insight and visibility into the activity taking placing in environment which leaves us more more knowledgeable... ...giving us a better view of our entire threat landscape."

IT Director,

We are here to help. Let us be your guide.

Disclaimer - Why you don’t see customer logos or specific names:
Most websites will list the logos of their clients to help sell their products and services. We don’t believe in using our customers' logos to easily inform threat actors about your tech stack. Your privacy and security matters, even in our marketing. If you’re interested in learning about who we work with, let’s start a conversation.