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BitLyft's New Channel Partner Program Boosts Success for MSPs and VARs

July is here and for me that says two things: first, summer is in full swing and second, we’ve somehow hit the halfway mark of the year. For some, the sunny season is an invitation for rest and relaxation, yet for others, it's a signal to ramp up efforts, seize new opportunities, and spark innovative initiatives.

At BitLyft, we tend to fall in the latter category. While some businesses are starting to put up out of office replies, we are just getting ready to roll out a new channel partner program.

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Why Launch a New Program for Channel Partners?

As the Founder and CEO of BitLyft, I have no shortage of daily decisions to make. Some choices are painstakingly tedious yet others just seem to naturally fall into place. The decision to launch a program for channel partners? That was like an intuitive chess move, seamless and effortlessly strategic.

A couple of key factors influenced our decision to launch this new partnership program. The primary motivation was alignment with our broader vision and mission. 

One of our goals at BitLyft is to break down the barriers of cybersecurity for mid-sized enterprises. We really believe that cybersecurity should be accessible to all. However, small to mid-sized organizations frequently wrestle with considerable challenges. These businesses often have shortages of skilled workers, constrained budget dollars, and a lack of requisite knowledge or time to properly implement security measures.

Many Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Value-Added Resellers (VARs) are out in the space looking for a solution that will solve these challenges for their existing customers—and even for themselves.

BitLyft tackles these challenges by delivering a modern approach to monitoring, detecting, and responding to cyber threats. Our managed detection and response service and platform, BitLyft AIR®, stands at the forefront of this mission. This solution isn't a one-size-fits-all product. Instead, our design actively integrates with our partners' existing offerings, complementing rather than competing with their services.

BitLyft AIR® Overview


But the value of BitLyft AIR® isn't confined to its technical merits. It also carries significant strategic value. BitLyft AIR® is designed with inherent flexibility. It not only bolsters our partners' cybersecurity offerings, but also positions them more competitively in the market, creating opportunities for enhanced growth and success.

Our ultimate goal goes beyond expanding our business reach. We really want to enable more businesses to have access to advanced cybersecurity measures. By working hand-in-hand with our partners, we believe we can expedite the adoption of such robust security measures, securing more businesses against the evolving threat landscape of today's digital world. This symbiotic relationship not only fosters business growth for our partners but also contributes to a safer, more secure digital ecosystem.

Another factor worth noting is that people want to work with people they already know and trust. By launching this partnership program, we aim to leverage these pre-existing relationships, allowing MSPs and VARs to offer our robust cybersecurity solutions under their familiar brand, thus facilitating a smoother, more comfortable adoption process for their customers. We simply nurture the existing bond between the partner and their customer, fostering trust, collaboration, and mutual growth.

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Channel Partnership Benefits for MSPs and VARs

Establishing a channel partnership with BitLyft brings a plethora of advantages that simplify operations and enhance service offerings for MSPs and VARs.

These benefits include:

Elimination of Complexities: MSPs and VARs are relieved from the time consuming task of having to master tools like Security Information and Event Management (SIEM). Similarly, it eliminates the daunting and costly task of setting up their own Security Operations Center (SOC) team. Handling the intricate details of security automation and orchestration also ceases to be their concern.

Access to Expertise and Swift Integration: With BitLyft's proven expertise at their disposal, partners can swiftly integrate a robust and comprehensive cybersecurity solution into their service offerings. This approach minimizes their operational overhead while accelerating the delivery of value to their clients.

Comprehensive Visibility: Our solutions serve as the virtual eyes and ears for our partners, granting them an in-depth view of their customers' environments. With these crucial insights into their clients' security landscape, partners can provide more strategic and informed consulting services.

Force Multiplier Effect: The partnership serves to amplify the capabilities of MSPs and VARs. By augmenting their cybersecurity capacity, it enhances the perceived value of their other offerings and equips them to offer a more comprehensive service suite tailored to their clients' needs, thereby fostering customer satisfaction and loyalty.

In essence, partnering with BitLyft opens up avenues for MSPs and VARs to better serve their clients, increase their own efficiency, and solidify their position as trusted, well-rounded service providers.


Support Structures for Channel Partner Success

BitLyft is devoted to launching a comprehensive program that ensures unwavering support for our partners and the utmost confidence for our customers in the solutions they adopt.

A cornerstone of our program is an intensive training initiative, which includes both sales and security engineering modules. Our sales training is devised to equip our partners with the knowledge and tools required to effectively advocate the benefits of our solutions. In contrast, our security engineering training dives into the technical specifics, preparing our partners to proficiently support and troubleshoot our products.

Beyond training, our partners will have access to an extensive partner portal full of resources. This includes slide decks, data sheets, and other valuable materials that serve to assist in marketing, selling, and implementing our solutions.

Support in our program is not a one-time offering but an ongoing dialogue throughout every engagement. Every stage in the lifecycle of our partnership, from initial onboarding to continuous management and optimization, is structured to ensure a seamless collaboration and clear guidance.

Equally, customer support holds paramount importance in our scheme of things. We are cognizant that every solution we offer should not only be effective but also align with the user's comfort and requirements. Our philosophy hinges on the belief that the customer and the partner are always right, and we consistently strive to respond to their needs and feedback. Our ultimate goal is to tailor our offerings to meet their goals and exceed their expectations, fostering an environment of trust, mutual growth, and satisfaction.

Why BitLyft is Your Perfect Cybersecurity Partner

At BitLyft, we understand the unique challenges faced by MSPs and VARs in the quest for cybersecurity solutions. We recognize that they are often on the lookout for solutions that not only solve their security issues but also simplify their operations, align with their business objectives, and ultimately add value to their customer relationships.

Too often, MSPs and VARs encounter solutions that only partially address their needs, managing to fulfill one or two, but not all, of their critical objectives. They may come across products that perform well technically, but fail to integrate seamlessly into their existing business models or add undue complexity to their operations. This partial satisfaction of needs can be a source of frustration and inefficiency.

Our conversations with MSPs and VARs have illuminated their wish list: solutions that not only function effectively, but also simplify operations, enhance their customer service, and integrate smoothly with their current product stack. They desire more than superficial integrations such as basic email notifications; they're looking for deep, meaningful integrations that automate processes and eliminate the need for manual intervention.

That's where BitLyft comes into the picture. Our commitment to developing advanced, intuitive cybersecurity solutions goes hand in hand with our dedication to supporting MSPs and VARs. Our products are designed to provide robust security while also ensuring simplicity, seamless integration, and significant automation. We help our partners offload repetitive tasks, allowing them to focus their attention on higher-value activities that strengthen their customer relationships and drive business growth.

Choosing to partner with BitLyft means choosing a cybersecurity ally that understands your needs, values your business goals, and prioritizes your success. By offering solutions that align with your objectives and simplify your operations, we aim to create a partnership that is beneficial, efficient, and geared towards mutual growth.

If you're ready to explore the potential of our partnership program and the opportunities it could unlock for your business, be sure to visit our partnership program page. Your journey towards a stronger, more efficient cybersecurity strategy starts here.

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Jason Miller

Jason Miller, Founder and CEO of BitLyft Cybersecurity, has dedicated his 20-year IT career, including co-founding SaaS pioneer Reviora, to removing cybersecurity barriers for mid-sized enterprises. Establishing BitLyft in 2016, Jason set out to unburden security teams with innovative, approachable, and affordable solutions, a vision which has made BitLyft a respected managed detection and response provider. Outside his cybersecurity pursuits, Jason is an avid tree farmer and outdoor enthusiast, planting nearly 300 trees on his ten-acre plot and finding joy in hiking, hunting, and driving his white Tesla Model 3. His diverse passions mirror the balanced blend of expertise, dedication, and joy he brings to BitLyft.

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