RELEASE: BitLyft Cybersecurity Partners with UMBRAGROUP

A Made-in-Michigan Partnership: Defense Supplier UMBRAGROUP Partners with BitLyft Cybersecurity to Secure its Smart Manufacturing Operations

The two forward-thinking companies are working together to help secure the critical defense supply chain.

April 13, 2022, Saint Johns, Michigan - When Joe Sheridan, the US director of IT for Linear Motion LLC, a division of UMBRAGROUP, needed a solid and innovative partner to help secure the company’s advanced manufacturing operation in Saginaw, he was thrilled to find them right here in Michigan.

“We want to be at the top of our game for midsize businesses in aerospace and defense. BitLyft being a Michigan company was one of the first advantages,” said Sheridan. “It impressed me that they wanted to learn everything about our business and adjusted to what we needed.”

Headquartered in Italy with facilities worldwide, UMBRAGROUP produces ball screws, electromechanical actuators and high precision mechanical and mechatronic components for the aerospace market, which are critical for flight. UMBRAGROUP has overcome the challenge of internationalization by grasping its potential and enhancing its distinctiveness, investing in innovation and research, in a common management system, standardizing processes and facilitating the sharing of corporate data and best practices among the various Group companies. As more of their processes become digitized and connected that also means a larger attack surface, and their leadership understands that prioritizing security is key.

“We handle controlled, unclassified information and as a DOD contractor, it’s important we maintain the security of that information,” said Kyle Smith, Saginaw operations general manager.

Saint Johns-based BitLyft offers a unique approach to security. Their proprietary BitLyft AIR platform allows them to automate many tasks and combines multiple security offerings into one single solution. This enables their security analysts to accomplish more than other security operations center (SOC) teams so they can do more with less. This allows them to pass those savings and efficiencies along to their clients.

BitLyft AIR® Overview


The company has also taken a proactive approach to researching and understanding new federal guidelines and compliance requirements, specifically for manufacturing companies that are part of the Nation’s critical supply chain. This allows them to help guide clients like UMBRAGROUP, and better understand their specific needs and challenges.

“We are honored to be working with an innovative IT leader like Joe and his entire team to secure UMBRAGROUP’s operations here in Saginaw,” said Jason Miller, BitLyft founder and CEO. “We appreciate this opportunity to play a role in keeping Michigan’s defense manufacturing base strong.”

That sentiment is shared by the Linear Motion team. According to Smith, “With the history we have here in this facility, a lot of people take pride in the work that they do, because they know that the men and women that defend our country rely on our products to work.” Watch this video to learn more about the partnership between UMBRAGROUP and BitLyft Cybersecurity.

About BitLyft Cybersecurity

Founded in 2016, BitLyft Cybersecurity illuminates and eliminates cyber threats for a safer world by providing managed detection and response (MDR), SEIM-as-a-service and SOC-as-a-service through their proprietary BitLyft AIR platform. BitLyft AIR combines the best of people and software to provide unparalleled protection for organizations of all sizes. With a  team of passionate and innovative security analysts, developers, and strategists they help others achieve and exceed their cybersecurity goals.

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UMBRAGROUP designs, manufactures and services high-tech and precision mechanical and mechatronic components for aerospace, defense, space, and industrial market. It is the world leader in ball screw technology for the aerospace sector. The company is the go-to partner of the world’s major aircraft manufacturers, and participates in numerous commercial, regional, and business jet projects. UMBRAGROUP operates in a global context with a wide range of products (including ball screws, electromechanical actuators, couplings, pinion and sector gears, tie rods, torque tubes). The Group’s parent company has plants in Italy, Germany, and the United States, serving the following businesses Worldwide: Aircraft manufacturers, Integrated systems manufacturers, Airlines, Machine tool manufacturers.

To learn more about UMBRAGROUP visit:

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