BitLyft AIR®


Why wait for a cyber attack to happen when you can proactively protect your organization from existing and future threats? With cyber threat intelligence, accumulated data becomes your ultimate advantage against the threats of tomorrow.


The company and their staff are easy to contact and they're always available to answer questions and discuss concerns. They readily pass along advice and news concerning possible alerts.

What You Get with Central Threat Intelligence

Harness proactive cybersecurity with BitLyft AIR®. Instead of navigating relentless alerts, integration challenges, and data surges, our sophisticated threat intelligence solution provides:


Multi-Source Data Collection

Gathers data from diverse sources, including open-source, proprietary, and industry-specific resources, to provide comprehensive threat coverage.


Threat Pattern Analysis

Uses advanced analytics to detect patterns, trends, and anomalies in threat data, revealing hidden threats and vulnerabilities.


Actionable Insights Generation

Transforms raw threat data into actionable insights, enabling rapid response to emerging and potential threats.


Intelligence Levels Provision

Provides strategic, operational, and tactical intelligence to aid in decision making at all levels.


Customized Alerts

Offers tailored threat alerts based on your organization's specific profile and operational needs.


Continuous Learning & Updates

Constantly refines threat intelligence based on new data, ensuring that MSPs are always armed with the latest threat information.

Benefits of Threat Intelligence

BitLyft's threat intelligence equips you with proactive defense mechanisms, leveraging a vast pool of data from various sources to identify, analyze, and respond to threats.


Enhanced Insights

Our CTI amplifies your understanding of global threats by leveraging collective knowledge, empowering more effective prediction, detection, and response strategies.


Anticipatory Security

With our proactive stance, we help you identify and tackle threats even before they emerge, transforming your security approach from reactive to proactive.


Seamless Workflow Integration

We ensure our Threat Intelligence smoothly integrates into your existing cybersecurity operations, boosting capabilities without causing disruptions.


Collective Security Enhancement

We contribute actively to the cybersecurity community, sharing insights and new threats that not only fortify your defenses but enhance collective cybersecurity capabilities.

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Informed Risk Management

With our comprehensive perspective on potential threats, we provide you with the information necessary for accurate risk assessment and strategic decision-making.


Rapid Response

Our real-time, actionable threat intelligence enables a faster response to threats, ensuring immediate and effective action against emerging and evolving cybersecurity risks.


BitLyft AIR®'s Central Threat Intelligence component embodies a proactive approach to cybersecurity, leveraging and contributing to a global pool of threat data. By harnessing insights from diverse sources, it enhances our defensive strategies, offering customers a well-rounded shield against cyber threats. Discover the potency of CTI as part of the holistic protection offered by BitLyft AIR®.

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Where Does BitLyft Get its Threat Intelligence?

BitLyft Autobloc

Threats are added automatically with no human intervention. These are identified at the SIEM level and trigger auto protection. This provides validated real-time threat intelligence across all clients on the BitLyft AIR® platform, exponentially reducing dwell time to seconds.


Open source intelligence (OSINT) like SolarWinds and other relevant, emerging threats are added to CTI.


Known indicators of compromise (IOC) are targeted additions based on analyst threat intelligence and ongoing research and public disclosures.

Automatic Collection Malicious Scanning

Automatic collection is made up of public disclosures of recent threat data as well as some curated public threat lists. Analysts add this based on threat hunting and ongoing research.


Industry specific vulnerability scans (orange intelligence) provide additional layers of contextualized data.


Clients can identify known threats or specific use cases that can be added to the threat intelligence platform for individual or cross-client protection.

Problem(s) solved.

See how BitLyft AIR® is solving some of the most common challenges in the cybersecurity industry.

Challenged with tool management and excessive data

"BitLyft has helped relieve some of the anxiety and stress involved with monitoring the network and making sure compromised accounts are handled correctly."

Information Security Officer, Higher Education

Burned by empty promises and unmet expectations

“We constantly feel like we’re involved rather than just working with a vendor that might stop by once a month for a ‘re-get to know you’ meeting. We’re constantly tackling issues and we’ve never had a case where BitLyft wasn’t available or responsive.”

Director of Infrastructure, Higher Education

Struggling with of limited skilled staff and budget restraints

“It's a great partnership. I feel like BitLyft is part of our staff and we are working together in our cybersecurity efforts.”

Chief Information Officer, Higher Education

Stop reacting and start proactively defending with Threat Intelligence

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