A Brief Guide To Managed Cloud Security Services

What are managed cloud security services?

These services are crucial to a business’s operation. It is a set of technologies, procedures, and policies that secure and protect your data and computer infrastructure. In order to be compliant with any data laws, a business must have cloud security services in place.  Especially if they store customer information.

Managed cloud security services will also set authentication rules on devices and for individual users. This is another crucial benefit and step in protecting your business.

When looking into cloud security services, it is important to thoroughly research the providers. Each provider differs in what they offer. Determine the efficiency and quality of their services to defend your company if you are targeted with a security attack.

There are cheaper options, but these sometimes offer price over quality. You don’t want your data to become accessible just because you want to save some money. A good, long-term cloud security service is a great way to stay on top of the barrage of new hacking and cyber attacks that are threatening all companies.

What are the main reasons a company should invest in Cloud Security?

If you are regularly facing security breaches

As technology develops the risk of security breaches both inside and outside of your business also increases. It is important, now more than ever, that you have the right security in place to prevent breaches and provide accelerated detection. One attack could set you back thousands of dollars and lost time. By purchasing a managed cloud security service, you can decrease the chance of this occurring and have comprehensive monitoring in place.

They offer you the benefit of centralized security

As well as centralizing data and your applications, it will make protection a top priority. Does your business currently use a cloud-based network? You can easily integrate a managed cloud security service to decrease the amount of policy updates, software updates, and enhance filtering and traffic analysis. Cloud based security services can also assist in helping you to set up a disaster recovery plan.

They offer cost-effective protection

Everyone is trying to reduce cost and maximize the dollars they do have to spend. This strategy eliminates the need to spend on adding additional hardware and software. This will also help to reduce administrative overhead throughout the year. Your IT team can focus on keeping the business operational, providing the real value to your customers and letting the managed cloud security service provider bring their value. 

Managed Cloud Security Services are reliable

Managed cloud security services guarantee a fast response and remediation. If you have invested in a trustworthy service, you can ensure that your employees can safely access any applications or data that exists within the cloud.

Managed Cloud Security Services are automatic

By investing in a cloud security service, your IT team won’t have to manually input security updates, software, or any security configurations. You can fully reduce this administration process and the amount of time that is spent on them if you chose a trustworthy service.

If you work within/run a business that has multi-regional storage

Larger businesses that use a multi-regional storage system might find it easier to have this managed for them, rather than taking on the responsibility. By investing in a managed cloud security service, you can monitor the storage regularly as it will all be in one place and protected.

Things to remember

Before investing in a managed cloud security service, back up and duplicate all of your data. This is particularly important if it is stored on remote servers. Once you invest in cloud security, integrate your disaster recovery plan with the security measures to ensure that no data is lost.

In addition, whenever you run software applications, or develop them within the cloud, you do so alongside the cloud security strategy and plan. This way you will be able to detect and repair any vulnerabilities without damaging the software.

The Takeaway: Managed cloud security services are reliable, provide stronger protection, automate some processes, and ensure you are complying with legal requirements set by governance and regulations..


There are many benefits that come with investing in a managed cloud security service. Giving you a competitive edge over your competitors.  It can easily be implemented into your business. The biggest decision you have to make is choosing a reliable company to provide this very important service.

Bitlyft aims to provide you with a simple no-nonsense solution to keep your business safe from online threats. If you’d like to learn more, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today to speak to one of our friendly representatives.  

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