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Comparing The Most Popular XDR Solutions: An Overview

By now, you may have heard about extended detection and response (XDR), but what does it really mean?

In simple terms, XDR solutions are like shields designed to protect your business from the myriad cyberthreats it faces each day. Many of these threats evade normal detection, but a good XDR platform can monitor your networks, cloud services, and various endpoints to detect and eliminate intruders. 

But with so many to choose from, what are the best XDR security systems available? We’ve done the hard work and put together a list of some of the most popular solutions on the market. 

So keep reading to discover which platforms made the cut. 

1. Sophos XDR

Let's begin our list with a look at a popular XDR platform for both large and small businesses. 

To start with, Sophos comes in two pricing tiers. Sophos Home is freely available, or you can opt for the Premium upgrade at a $42 price point. 

Sophos XDR Security Overview

The Sophos platform provides some of the most comprehensive services of all the XDR vendors on our list. For one thing, it has a fully optimized XDR security array, with synchronized cloud data. It also leverages next-generation tech like AI, secure firewalls for remote workers, and anti-ransomware options to provide full security. 

The Sophos XDR system features:

  • The Cloud Optix threat response platform to constantly monitor cloud infrastructure.
  • The Intercept X Endpoint, providing excellent endpoint protection.
  • Malware and threat detection systems that use deep-learning AI algorithms.
  • A suite of WiFi, email, and mobile security programs. 

2. Symantec XDR

Symantec is among the best XDR systems on the market, with a good reputation among users. 

As far as its performance capabilities, Symantec is fully able to detect and resolve threats using its advanced suite of features. This includes powerful detection software and analytical programs, and AI-guided security systems.

The purchase plan for Symantec XDR requires your business to select a partner or distributor based on region and country. The pricing is typically available at around $70 per year for a license. 

Symantec XDR Security Features

Symantec’s world-renowned response and endpoint detection services are designed to locate and eliminate threats. Sophisticated tools like deep visibility and AI analytics keep your devices secure across the whole attack chain. And that means protection at the app, device, and even network levels.

Other features include: 

  • Detection protocols that are continually updated by Symantec researchers to respond to new threats.
  • EDR console to access expert advice and guidance.
  • A customizable system so you can automate certain routine and repetitive tasks.

3. BitLyft Next-Gen XDR

BitLyft’s XDR solution is among the most secure and popular on the market.

It provides comprehensive threat protection using next-generation technology and dedicated support staff. BitLyft provides superior solutions, including analysis by dedicated cybersecurity experts and sophisticated threat detection and remediation platforms. 

And the price point is one of BitLyft’s most attractive features. The pricing packages scale with your business, with small business plans going for $35/user/month, down to $26/user/month for mid-enterprise businesses. 

BitLyft Features

BitLyft provides one of the most comprehensive extended detection and response platforms on the market. Even a brief features checklist indicates why it consistently ranks among the best XDR vendors. 

  • BitLyft XDR helps your business meet its detection and response goals through the guidance of expert support staff. 
  • You also have the benefit of a cybersecurity support team that is familiar with your business, its goals, and its threat environment. 
  • BitLyft’s unique software automation is designed for a swift response as soon as a threat is detected. 
  • BitLyft also offers versatile scalability, so you can upgrade your services and protection as your business grows.

4. Palo Alto Networks XDR Platform

Palo Alto Networks offers the Cortex XDR platform, which affords comprehensive threat detection and response. Perfect for small to large businesses, this XDR platform works at the cloud, network, and endpoint nodes of the threat chain. 

Cortex XDR comes in two tiers, the Cortex XDR Prevent and the Cortex XDR Pro. Contact the sales officers at Palo Alto Networks to learn about the detailed price points of both services. 

Palo Alto Networks Security Features

The Cortex XDR features integrated responses, automated analysis, and some of the best threat detection and prevention in the business. Its many features include: 

  • A host of managed detection and response services (MDR).
  • AI-based analytics that are optimized to detect evolving threats.
  • A veritable defensive bulwark of next-gen firewalls, endpoint security measures, and detection algorithms. 
  • Machine-learning programs to create behavioral profiles and stop new threats in their tracks. 

5. McAfee XDR Solutions

McAfee is an interesting solution both for private home users as well as businesses. 

Among the platform’s many offerings are device-to-cloud cybersecurity, along with a host of antivirus and security backups for both cloud and endpoint. McAfee also offers MVISION, a threat detection and elimination system that lives on the cloud. 

As for pricing, you can request a free demo for McAfee’s Enterprise solution, and a free one-month trial comes standard for Windows PC. McAfee also offers a number of pricing plans tailored to suit your individual or business needs. The Family plan includes a $39.99 one-year subscription for 10 devices. You can also opt for the Single Device individual plan, at $29.99 per year for one device. 

McAfee Security Features

McAfee is somewhat less comprehensive than the other solutions we’ve listed. Still, its affordability and low-maintenance systems remain popular. McAfee is also very effective at stopping threats wherever they materialize in networks, devices, and cloud environments. 

Other features include: 

  • Managed Detection and Response (MDR) that offers 24/7 monitoring, threat detection, and in-depth threat investigations.
  • The MVISION cloud-based platform to monitor and automate your extended detection and response strategy. 

6. Cisco XDR

Cisco’s XDR platform is called Cisco SecureX. 

As with McAfee’s MVISION solution, Cisco SecureX lives on the cloud and allows you to orchestrate a versatile security setup that accords with your company’s needs. Similar to Symantec, to purchase SecureX you’ll need to locate a Cisco partner, who will then work with you on a pricing plan. 

The features offered by SecureX are some of the best XDR solutions available. It comes with a host of analytics programs, automated workflows, and nearly 200 out-of-the-box integrations. There’s also access to expert guidance, and top-tier threat intelligence through the Cisco Talos team of security experts. 

7. Cynet XDR

Cynet is an excellent platform for both small and large businesses. 

It works as an Autonomous Breach Protection platform, which provides some of the most impregnable XDR technology. The system can discover and eliminate many threats, using next-generation antivirus (NGAV), user entity and behavior analytics (UEBA), and network traffic analysis. Plus, automated remediation technology allows the platform to continuously gather and monitor threat levels throughout the network. 

Cynet has free 14-day trials, with more detailed quotes available for their pricing plans. 

Cynet Security Features

Cynet works overtime to analyze all network endpoints to search for active malware and other threats. It also has the flexibility of sophisticated programs to make rapid decisions. 

Other features include:

  • Manual and automated remediation for files, hosts, and networks. 
  • The ability to track infiltration and deception methods by planting false passwords, data files, and monitoring network connections.

8. Trend Micro XDR

Finally, we’ll close out our list with the Trend Micro XDR platform. 

Its pricing tiers begin at $29.95/user/year, and graduate up to the Worry-Free Services Advanced plan at $59.87/user/year. But there’s a lot that comes with that, including protection services across endpoint, server, email, cloud data, and other networks. Plus, you can avail yourself of expert AI analytics and security research. 

Other valuable services include built-in global threat intelligence analysis, prioritized alerts, and streamlined views to detect and trace threat events. If anything, Trend Micro XDR is perfect for providing a bigger picture analysis of your threat profile.  

Make the Most of Your XDR Strategy With BitLyft

The bottom line is this: without proper XDR solutions, your business is at extreme risk from cybersecurity threats. 

Fortunately, there are many excellent XDR platforms to choose from. We’ve sampled some of the most popular in this list, but which one is right for you will come down to the unique needs of your business and the threat environment it faces.

This is where BitLyft would like to help. Feel free to reach out and contact us, and let our team of professionals help you find the XDR security network that’s right for you.

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