What Is SOAR Technology and What Role Does It Play in Security Operations?

Does your cybersecurity system utilize SOAR technology? It should!

One of the biggest issues to plague security teams is the constant stream of alerts and incident reports. Sometimes there are virtually no important alerts to deal with. Then, a sudden incident or online threat produces an overwhelming number of urgent alerts. This can be fatiguing, tiresome, and ultimately inefficient.

In order to truly take advantage of your SOC, it’s important to consider a SOAR, also known as Security Orchestration, Automation and Response.

SOAR Defined

SOAR is a solution stack that offers an organization:

  • ways to collect data on security threats
  • automatic response to low-level security events
  • optimization of existing security operations and tasks

SOAR technology allows you to organize your security solutions and replace the slow and manual processes of dealing with an overwhelming number of alerts. In addition to making your security operations more streamlined, it also helps your SOC make informed decisions with the data it aggregates from various security platforms and solutions.

Implementing SOAR Technology Into Your Workflow

Every company wants to ensure that their data is secured. However, this can be challenging without the correct personnel and the right tools. SOAR is designed to drastically reduce the number of personnel you need to run a functional SOC. It also reduces error rates and improves decision making. SOAR optimizes existing SOC teams.

Your staff will no longer be fatigued from an ever growing list of alerts and security decisions. Implementing SOAR is a great way to improve your security solution without resorting to hiring more security personnel.

The bottom line: SOAR’s practicality and efficiency eliminates the possibility of human error slowing down your response rates.

What are the Advantages of SOAR Technology?

If your staff is overwhelmed your first reaction might be to hire more employees for your SOC team. However, this is not a scalable solution. Simply throwing more employees at a problem isn’t going to fix inconsistencies and improve decision-making.

Instead, by implementing SOAR technology you will be automating processes to make your current SOC team more efficient. This will also empower them to make better decisions and manage their security tasks more efficiently. We believe this is a far better solution hiring more staff. There are also a number of other advantages that you should consider.

Reduce Attack Frequency and Severity

One of the main goals of a SOC is to protect the business network and patch vulnerabilities. However, there’s always the possibility that a vulnerability will go undiscovered. Once your data is attacked it could bring down your entire network.

With SOAR technology, your analysts will have the proper information to respond to attacks quickly. The automated systems minimize damage while your analysts get to work. This automated defense  can buy time until your specialists have found an appropriate solution. If the automated systems cannot continue to mitigate the threat, then the information collected will help your SOC team to make an informed decision. They can step in and solve the problem, restoring your business to full functionality.

Improved Response Times

One of the best things about SOAR technology is that is drastically reduces the amount of time it takes to respond to a threat. It could potentially reduce a several-minute wait to identify the attacker down to just a couple of seconds. This allows you plenty of valuable time to address the issue before they can gain further access to your data.

This increased response time means that you’re less likely to encounter a malicious hacker that can weed their way into your systems. It also gives you the ability to respond proactively and gain a better understanding of how to deal with future breaches. Since SOAR collects information on all of your security solutions, your staff can make informed security decisions based on the data that is aggregated by the system. This results in less time thinking about a solution and more time spent implementing them instead.

Drastically Reduce Operating Costs

Another huge advantage of SOAR technology is its ability to drastically cut down on operating costs. While cost is not always the biggest concern when maintaining a SOC team, it can be a concern for smaller businesses. SOAR improves the efficiency and productivity of your existing staff and technology, so you’re less likely to need an upgrade in the future.

Hiring extra SOC staff is a viable way to get similar benefits to SOAR. However,  it’s far more expensive and unpredictable than automated systems.

Are you ready for SOAR technology?

Contact BitLyft today. One of our representatives will explain the services we offer and how they can be customized to your exact needs.

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