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Extend The Reach of Your Security Team

Our SOC as a service (SOCaaS) is designed for you to leverage the best technology with our highly-trained security team to defend your organization against attacks. We start by utilizing the leading next-gen SIEM technologies to illuminate your network environment to identify threats, vulnerabilities, and industry-specific attack vectors.

Our SOC team of level-4 security experts integrate and augment your existing IT team to monitor and address threats 24/7 for complete round-the-clock coverage. Our weekly check-ins and ongoing communication with you means we’re always in sync with your environment or desired organizational goals.


Solving your cyber security problems


Alarm Investigation

Most internal SOC teams experience too many alarms to investigate. BitLyft is experienced in alarm investigation, tuning, and refining to reduce false alarms and address real threats.


Scalable Pricing

Most IT departments struggle to obtain the necessary budget resources to keep up with the amount of threats. Our services scale as you need them and our pricing is predictable.


Risk Rating

We help prioritize the level of risk in alarms to prioritize investigations and ensure issues are properly addressed.


Reporting and Feedback

You need to know what's going on in your environment and where you're exposed to threats. Our team provides education, reporting, and feedback to stay in sync with your goals.


Focused on Security

We focus on your security 24/7. While other organizational needs pull internal IT resources away from security issues, we can focus 100% on preventing cyber attacks in your environment.


Integrated Security

Managing, integrating, and utilizing the latest cyber security tools and technology is difficult. Our team are experts on next-gen SIEM technology and skilled threat hunters.



Adding and retaining internal security staffing is expensive. We provide a whole team of security engineers at a fraction of the price of 1 FTE.



We help you meet a growing number of legal and regulatory compliance such as NIST, PCI, GLBA, FISMA, GDRP, NIC-CERP and GDPR to name a few.

Our Security Operations Investigation Process


Alarms will fire at the SIEM level. Our SOC team will define and refine alarm parameters and monitor the network 24/7 to ensure threats don't go unaddressed.

Our SOC team investigates alerts to determine if the threat is real or false. Deeper investigation from our engineers can engage clients during or after threat neutralization.

Our Central Threat Intelligence (CTI) aggregates, filters, and stores critical threat intel that is crowdsourced from across our entire client landscape and outside threat feeds.

We have a growing list of SOAR modules that integrate with the leading brand technologies to save additional time in remediating threats and resolving security issues. The automation reduces manual steps and increasing threat response time.

We provide our clients with weekly calls, reporting, and feedback to ensure we're always in sync with your cyber security needs. We become part of your IT team focused on your security.

What to expect from Bitlyft

  • SIEM Installation & Management

    We install, tune, and manage next-gen SIEM technology and tools for instant deployment and enhanced security protection.

  • Dedicated Security Team

    Our SOC team provides dedicated 24/7 monitoring, support, and cyber security strategy for your IT team.

  • Regular Reporting & Check-Ins

    Our ongoing communication with your team through reporting and weekly check-in keeps us in sync.

  • Dashboard Access

    Access to dashboards and feedback of critical data for informed cyber security decisions.

  • Instant Threat Remediation

    Our SOC team addresses and neutralize threats immediately and engages you when necessary.

  • Advanced SOAR Technology

    Our team applies proprietary advanced SOAR technology to your environment for faster response time.

  • Crowdsources Threat Feeds

    Our advanced Central Threat Intelligence (CTI) applies crowdsource threat feeds to provide AI-level protection to your environment.

Case Study:
A Security “Team of One” Expands with BitLyft SOC as a Service

Managing the security posture of a university is no small task. This is especially true when you have to manage it on your own. For one Information Security Officer (ISO) at a liberal arts university in the Midwest, this workload was the norm.

See how BitLyft solved this university's cybersecurity challenges.

Download Case Study

What our clients are saying about our SOCaaS

"Before BitLyft, we would spend hours with multple departments working on each individual account compromise. But with the help of BitLyft we have been able to come up with a process that has narrowed that down to reaction before the compromise even happens."

Chris O.
Director of Infrastructure Operations (Higher Education)

"For us to try to replicate that level of performance internally would require a huge investment and additional resources not just to do the research but to monitor everything 24/7 outside of our business hours"

Josh H.
Chief Information Officer (Financial Services)

"Since working with Bitlyft, we've gained much more insight and visibility into the activity taking placing in environment which leaves us more more knowledgeable... us a better view of our entire threat landscape."

Ben S.
IT Director(Manufacturing)

“BitLyft provides that extra set of eyes and expertise we’re not able to have on staff.”

Mike M.
Information Security Officer (Higher Education)

“Working with BitLyft has allowed us to not worry about this part of our business as much. We feel like our security is being taken care of, so we can give more attention to other tasks.”

Van J.
Chief Information Officer (Higher Education)

What is SOC as a Service

Security operation center is offered as a service by BitLyft to manage your internal security. We monitoring the activity of your devices and Cloud services. We augment your existing IT staff in order to learn your company’s technology fingerprint and set up the processes to deal with any potential cybersecurity threats.

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