Cybersecurity for Higher Education

Cybersecurity for Higher Education

Colleges and Universities have never been at a greater risk to cyber attacks than they are today. BitLyft looks to offer higher education institutions a top tier cybersecurity solution priced to scale with your organization. 

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Eliminate cybersecurity staffing challenges with our SOC team
Our Security Operations Center (SOC) team becomes and extension of your existing team. Your institution will be assigned a fully staffed, and trained security team dedicated to protecting your organization. 
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Enterprise-Grade Cybersecurity at a Price Point for Your Institution
We understand institutions are being asked to protect more with less. We’ve structured our pricing to scale with any size higher education institution.
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Protect your digital transformation
We help institutions protect their on-prem infrastructure and cloud environment; giving you the future-proof protection that your staff and students deserve.
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Intelligent automated learning to ensure immediate protection
Our Central Threat Intelligence collects and stores important threat data from all other institutions on our platform, bringing all clients instant validated threat protection. Your institution will learn the valuable lessons from cyber attacks without needing to be the target. 

GLBA Guide For Higher Education

A helpful step by step guide for meeting GLBA compliance requirements.

What's Included: 
  • Key Considerations of GLBA Rules.
  • Best Practices for Institutions.
  • GLBA Compliance Checklist

GLBA Compliance help
GLBA Guide
GLBA checklist

Case Study: Stopping Phishing Attacks

Learn how this mid-size university overcame increased phishing attacks.

What Our Partners Say About BitLyft

“Before we had BitLyft helping us, we would spend hours with multiple departments working on each individual account compromise. With the help of BitLyft, we’ve been able to come up with a process that has narrowed that down to reaction before the compromise even happens.”

Director of Infrastructure Operations,
Higher Education

What Our Partners Say About BitLyft

“With BitLyft on board, my staff is now more cybersecurity aware—and I feel better too. I now have go-to security people that can help when issues come up.”

Chief Information Officer,
Higher Education

What Our Partners Say About BitLyft

“Our check-in meetings can last five-minutes or they can last one-hour depending on any concerns. We know that we can count on the BitLyft team to stick with us until any concerns on our side are taken care of.”

Network Security Manager,
Higher Education

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Disclaimer - Why you don’t see customer logos or specific names:
Most websites will list the logos of their clients to help sell their products and services. We don’t believe in using our customers' logos to easily inform threat actors about your tech stack. Your privacy and security matters, even in our marketing. If you’re interested in learning about who we work with, let’s start a conversation.