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Cybersecurity Survival for Small Security Teams

Join panelists from the BitLyft team as they offer solutions to some of the most common challenges faced by small security teams today including: keeping up with new tech developments, recruiting and retaining talent, and maintaining compliance standards.

Understanding Extended Detection and Response

Are you tired of playing catch-up when it comes to cybersecurity threats? Watch our Understanding Extended Detection and Response webinar to learn about the latest solution for proactively detecting and responding to threats before they become breaches. With extended detection and response, you can stay ahead of the game and protect your organization from even the most advanced cyber attacks.

Demystifying Cybersecurity Acronyms

Join panelists from the BitLyft team as they take on the challenge of demystifying some of the most common cybersecurity acronyms in the industry today, like XDR, MDR and EDR.

They'll define what each acronym means and explain how it's used in the cybersecurity world. So whether you're a seasoned cybersecurity pro or just getting started, this webinar is for you!

Optimize Your Security Posture by Combining the Power of Automation with Human Intervention

In this session Jason Miller, CEO and Founder, BitLyft Cybersecurity will discuss why a layered approach to cybersecurity is the best method to address advanced cyberthreats and other challenges facing business and security leaders alike.

How to Build A Great Cybersecurity Program within a Budget

Every organization is faced with the challenge of building a security program within the confines of a budget. In this webinar we bring together a cybersecurity professional and an IT veteran to discuss the challenges and opportunities of finding the middle ground for how to build a great security program within a budget.

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Creating an Achievable Security Budget

Demo of Securonix SIEM and BitLyft Security Operations Center

Join Mike Skeith, Director of the Security Operations Center at BitLyft for a demo of the Securonix security information and event management (SIEM) tool and how our security engineers investigate and remediate threats. We’ll cover the basic of the tool and investigate phishing attempts, account compromise, mailbox configuration, and threats discovered from user behavior analytics (UBA). We’ll also discuss how we remediate and improve the health of organizations through automation of our SOAR and threat intelligence platform.

How to Build an Effective Security Operations Center

Building a powerhouse security operations center (SOC) from scratch can be a challenging process when you do it alone. That’s why we’re sharing tips and tricks of how to build an effective SOC for those just starting out, or those looking for some new ideas to fuel their existing cybersecurity team. Jason Miller, CEO of BitLyft Cybersecurity will be sharing industry knowledge of how he’s built a robust SOC that protects large and small networks of organizations around the world.

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Building a Security Operations Center

How to Overcome the Cybersecurity Skills Shortage

With 460,000 unfilled job postings in the US in 2021, we need creative and non-traditional approaches to overcoming the skills shortage. In this webinar, we’ll discuss some of the ways we’ve built our security operations center and how you can address the workforce gap by tailoring your approach to “hack” the system and better protect your organization.

Cyber Attack Stories and How Not to be a Victim

The risk of losing data from ransomware attacks is skyrocketing at an alarming pace. To compound the concern, ransomware attackers have learned through trial and error, that they will not get paid if a company has good backup - so company backups are becoming their first target. Protecting your backups is a mission-critical business practice that can help to ensure business continuity.

CMMC Compliance Practices and Processes

A discussion around the ‘practices’ and ‘processes’ required at each level of the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC). This is the second in our series on the CMMC, and will be a more detailed explanation of two of the key elements. Also included will be a list of resources and a proposed timeline for the CMMC.

CMMC Compliance 101: Introduction

The CMMC is changing the landscape of cybersecurity for defense contractors. This session is an overview on what you need to know, what you’ll need to prepare, and how to meet the requirements. We present a reasoned and realistic approach so attendees can better assess where they stand for compliance and determine what steps are necessary to meet their objectives.

AI Threat Protection for Higher Education

Dive into the world of artificial intelligence as it pertains to cyber threat detection and neutralization. We’ll cover a real-world case study of an attack against a higher education institution that caused a chain reaction domino affect that was stopped by artificial intelligence.