Cybersecurity Resources and Downloads

Enhance your cybersecurity posture against the ever-evolving landscape. Our resource library includes valuable downloads on topics such as managed detection and response, ransomware, and social engineering. Whether you're an IT professional, business owner, or just looking to learn more about cybersecurity, our downloads will provide you with practical insights and guidance.


Next-Gen XDR: Understand Its Power, Unleash Its Potential

Extended Detection and Response (XDR) is one of the most comprehensive security solutions currently available. Learn more about how it works and why you should implement it in your security strategy.


The Complete Checklist for Choosing an MDR Provider

Take the guesswork out of finding the right MDR provider. Download our free checklist with nearly 80 questions designed to help you discover what makes an MDR business credible.


Seal the Deal: A Talk Track for Selling XDR Security to Your Boss

This resource will help you articulate some of the top benefits of XDR to decision makers including complete protection, cost-effectiveness and active response.


Hidden Threats

Hidden threats are a growing concern for businesses. In this free guide, learn how to reveal and respond to some of the hardest to detect cyber attacks including: fileless malware, living-off-the-land attacks, and zero-day exploits.


Microsoft O365 Mail Filtering Best Practices

Reduce spam and phishing attempts on your organization with these mail filtering configurations and best practices for Microsoft Office 365.


Creating an Achievable Security Budget

Get actionable insights on creating a realistic security budget. This guide is designed to help you prioritize your cybersecurity needs and effectively allocate your resources.


BitLyft Cybersecurity Assessment

Assess your cybersecurity in just five minutes with our quick and easy assessment tool. You'll come away with a calculated security grade and action items.


Building a Security Operations Center

Should you build or buy a security operations center? This comparison guide examines the pros and cons of in-house vs. vendor solutions.


The Top 7 Pitfalls of Using SIEM Tools

There is no such thing as a perfect SIEM tool. Avoid seven of the most common mishaps with SIEM tool usage with our helpful handout.



With so many cybersecurity solutions available, you may be wondering which is the best. Explore the differences between MDR, MSSP and SIEMaaS in this valuable resource.


GLBA Guide for Higher Education Institutions

GLBA rules and regulations have gone through many changes throughout the years. Discover what compliancy means for your institution.


Cybersecurity Logging and Monitoring

This guide provides an overview of the benefits of log collection and explains how to use the data to make your organization more secure.


MDR Buyer's Guide

Managed Detection and Response is one of the most comprehensive security solutions currently available. Learn more about what to expect with MDR with this ultimate guide.


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