BitLyft Hires Thomas Coke as Chief Revenue Officer

BitLyft, a cybersecurity provider in Lansing, is excited to announce that Thomas Coke, a Grand Rapids entrepreneur and lawyer, is joining their team as Chief Revenue Officer.  This expansion is occurring as BitLyft is growing their customer base and become a larger player in the SIEM-as-a-Service space, both regionally and nationally. CEO Jason Miller felt the time was right to add someone to drive sales and marketing.

SIEM-as-a-Service is a growing field, and BitLyft can work in a variety of cloud, on-prem and hybrid environments.  In addition, BitLyft has taken the time to build a Security Operations Center for a SOC-as-a-Service offering. Currently BitLyft works across a number of industries, including higher education, financial services, and energy.

Coke has been part of several successful startups and worked with established companies like Managed Services provider Iserv.  His areas of expertise include sales and marketing, with direct industry experience selling to education and financial services.  Although deeply rooted in Michigan, Coke has had clients ranging from Oregon to New York, including FinTech and cryptocurrencies to traditional IT.  His background includes a number of years working to build marketing and sales strategies within companies, building successful teams, and facilitating growth.

“I’m excited to join BitLyft, especially as the world becomes more connected and security becomes increasingly important,” says Coke.  “In addition Jason has created a great company that is primed for success.”

“Having Thomas on board will be a huge asset to BitLyft, and we could not be more excited to begin expansion,” explains Miller.  “We’ve built a great base in a bootstrapped manner, and can continue to grow organically but with increased speed.”

Based in East Lansing, BitLyft is comprised of a team of experienced and seasoned tech and business executives.  They have combined decades of experience and a track record of success. If you are interested in learning more please reach out to Thomas at

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