How Do Hackers Access a Network?

How Do Criminal Hackers Gain Access to a Network?

Ever wonder how hackers gain access to networks? It’s easier than you may think. While email is the most common way accounts become compromised, it’s not the only way. This is why having a dedicated SIEM, SOC and SOAR team in place is crucial for the safety of your company.


Email is absolutely the most common way that an account becomes compromised, or that one of our clients might get compromised. We see a lot of going on with phishing and we also see a lot of scam emails that get people to do things that they probably shouldn’t do. That can cost a company or a client quite a bit of reputation or just in revenue. So part of what I’ve been working on here at BitLyft has the ability to manage email automatically and keep our customers from having to deal with compromised accounts from phishing.

Ryuk Ransomware Exploits Zerologon in Less Than 5 Hours

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