LogRhythm Next Generation SIEM

Next-Generation SIEM provides much-needed security in today’s online business world. 

First-generation SIEM solutions do not have the breadth or the depth of centralized operational risk, business, and forensic data in order to provide threat detection across an entire IT landscape. 

Next-generation SIEM solutions have been developed to accommodate the needs of modern security teams. Today’s SIEM solutions include more automation to allow your IT team to focus on their daily tasks.  Let’s take a look at one of the most effective and forward-thinking SIEM models available today; Logrhythm SIEM

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Does your SIEM Detect ALL threats?

If your team is still struggling to detect every threat you might be using an outdated SIEM solution. 

Do you feel like you never seem to have sufficient resources to deal with all of the alarms? 

Do your analysts spend too much time performing investigations into which threats are real and which ones aren’t? 

Are you using valuable resources and time on this rather than core activities? 

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, your outdated SIEM solution may not be providing all of the security benefits and updates that a next-generation SIEM can. 

Moving to the next generation SIEM

A next-generation SIEM is going to lower the amount of time that is required when it comes to detecting and responding to cybersecurity threats. There are three key components included in the LogRhythm SIEM that provide the type of security your company deserves:

  • Quickly identify threats – Your SIEM solution needs to identify threats as early as possible in the attack lifecycle. This reduces or eliminates the negative impact on your business. 
  • Enhanced visibility – The second piece of the puzzle is visibility. Blind spots must be identified and eliminated. Moreover, users should have the capability to see events across different domains and systems, as well as being able to accelerate threat investigation and incident response.
  • Decrease response time – Finally, response times must be decreased. Businesses must have the capacity to respond to threats in a quick manner. This will result in organizational efficiency and quicker resolution of issues. 

These are the three key components when it comes to next-generation SIEM solutions. The LogRhythm SIEM solution ensures that businesses have everything at their disposal to identify and deal with security threats as quickly as possible. 

How does the LogRhythm NextGen SIEM differ from the first version?

LogRhythm’s NextGen SIEM Platform unifies next-generation SIEM capabilities, resulting in real-time deep visibility into IT environments. This ensures end-to-end threat management. Organizations can detect compromised systems and accounts, and insider threats with ease using LogRhythm Security Analytics. It does this by combining Network Behavioral Analytics (NBA) with integrated User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA). The embedded security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) capabilities of LogRhythm delivers automation-enabled and efficient workflows across incident response and threat investigation. 
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So, what should you be looking for in a next generation SIEM?

Simply using logs to identify suspicious behavior patterns is not enough. The LogRhythm SIEM solution offers rapid threat detection and response. It also uses many automated features to determine which threats are real and which ones aren’t. 

There are a number of key features of the LogRhythm SIEM platform including:

  • An open platform. This means it can easily be integrated with any infrastructure components you already have in place.
  • Data preparation. The taxonomy of activities from log and machine data is standardized. This leads to more accurate detection of threats. 
  • Scenario analysis. This captures potential threat scenarios resulting in more efficient and faster threat detection analytics. 
  • Behavior analytics. This feature monitors your employees’ and users’ online behaviors and detects any significant changes in their actions. This leads to quicker threat detection and employee education. 

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding regarding LogRhythm Next Generation SIEM and next Generation SIEM why it is so important for your business. There are lots of different cyber threats to businesses today and if you do not have an effective SIEM solution in place, you could be putting your business at a massive risk. However, it is not just about having any old SIEM – it is about making sure you choose the right next-generation solution that is right for you. LogRhythm is an excellent and award-winning option.

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