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The Best Managed SOC Providers

Are you still trying to safeguard your business data in-house? Managed SOC providers ensure better security for less money while adhering to all the regulations. Here’s how.  

Keeping your business data safe from cyberattacks can be daunting. Do you sell products online or store client information in the Cloud? IT-based businesses are more at risk than ever. Threats can now come from the inside since hackers are able to easily gain access to the internal workings of an unprotected business. Even worse, these breaches aren’t detected by security cameras. Without you even noticing, hackers can gain access to your entire financial database. This can be devastating financially and for your reputation.

As online breaches become more advanced, many companies can’t keep up with security on their own. The best solution is managed SOC providers.

Malware is constantly adapting to prey on new weaknesses and holes in your online security. In addition, compliance around the world is also changing and updating to further protect customer information. Keeping up with both malware and compliance requires dedicating serious amounts of time and money to the security cause. That’s a significant weight on any business owner’s shoulders. However, managed SOC providers can shoulder that burden and provide peace of mind.  

There are some fantastic managed SOC providers who can take care of security on an outsourced basis. We know it can be daunting to trust something so important to an outside source. However, doing so can save your businesses upwards of 80% of your security costs, as well as making life easier for everyone.


The question is, how exactly can you find the best managed SOC providers for you?

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Understand your cybersecurity needs

Understanding your cybersecurity needs is crucial to finding the best MSSP provider for you.  The question is, how exactly do you get to the bottom of what it is you need to stay safe?

A great way is to take our free assessment.

We will help you determine things like:

  • Which compliance regulations must you adhere to?
  • What sensitive information should you be protecting?
  • Where in your business are hackers most likely to gain access?

The answers to these questions help determine the type of MSSP services you need. Do you need a provider with extensive experience of international regulations? Do you need a company that is an expert with financial breaches? The right MSSP for you will largely come down to your unique cybersecurity needs and how well they can tailor their services to your exact needs and budget.

Never underestimate experience of Managed SOC Providers

Experience is a valuable quality in any MSSP. More experience means more understanding of how best to protect your business. A provider who has worked with a wide array of customers will know precisely how to pinpoint weaknesses. They will know how to deal with legal entities and compliance laws if a breach does occur.

An MSSP with specific experience in your industry is invaluable.  They’ll be able to adapt their approach to your particular IT needs. While new companies on the market may tempt you with lower costs, they are lacking in experience. Instead, always look at the experience your MSSP can bring to your security situation. The expertise with which they’re able to handle every aspect of your security is extremely important.

Do they offer 24/7 monitoring?

IT-based businesses need security monitoring 24/7. Customer can access websites at any time of day. Hackers can gain access to your information in the dead of night. Choose managed SOC providers who offer 24/7 monitoring.

This is the only chance you have at guaranteeing a breach never occurs. Monitoring around the clock ensures your MSSP can recognize and address any potential threats as they happen.

Consider their client success stories

Success stories are a valuable way to learn more about any managed SOC providers you are considering. Ongoing loyalty and happy clients are usually more than willing to share the success they’ve experienced with the company in question.If the company does not have success stories and testimonials on their website, ask them about them. Research their online reviews as well.

Looking at success stories can be a good way to verifying whether an MSSP has what it takes to meet the requirements you have. Reviews which specify the quality of the specific skills and security measures which you’re after can let you know, once and for all, whether you’ve found the best-managed SOC providers for you.


There are many benefits that come with investing in a managed cloud security service. Giving you a competitive edge over your competitors.  It can easily be implemented into your business. The biggest decision you have to make is choosing a reliable company to provide this very important service.

BitLyft aims to provide you with a simple no-nonsense solution to keep your business safe from online threats. If you’d like to learn more, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today to speak to one of our friendly representatives. 

We’ll help explain the services we offer and how they can be customized to your exact needs.

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Download the Talk Track for Selling XDR Security to Your Boss

Jason Miller

Jason Miller, Founder and CEO of BitLyft Cybersecurity, has dedicated his 20-year IT career, including co-founding SaaS pioneer Reviora, to removing cybersecurity barriers for mid-sized enterprises. Establishing BitLyft in 2016, Jason set out to unburden security teams with innovative, approachable, and affordable solutions, a vision which has made BitLyft a respected managed detection and response provider. Outside his cybersecurity pursuits, Jason is an avid tree farmer and outdoor enthusiast, planting nearly 300 trees on his ten-acre plot and finding joy in hiking, hunting, and driving his white Tesla Model 3. His diverse passions mirror the balanced blend of expertise, dedication, and joy he brings to BitLyft.

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