What is LogRhythm SIEM?

No matter the size of your organization, or your industry, no one is immune to the possibility of threats from criminal hackers and cybersecurity incidents. It’s crucial to have the right software solution to help battle cybercrime.

There are many solutions out there, but today we’re going to look at one in particular; LogRhythm SIEM.



You may have heard of LogRhythm before, especially if you’ve followed our blog for any time. LogRhythm is an exciting product that we use and love here at BitLyft, so we thought we’d take the time to spotlight some of the features that make it a great security information and event management software solution, especially for SMBs.

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What is LogRhythm SIEM?

The whole purpose of this security product is to unify log management, security analytics, and endpoint monitoring/forensics.

In other words, it’s primarily designed as a way of catching threats and reducing the risk exposure an organization faces.

One of the critical features of this software? It was built by security professionals and aimed directly at security professionals. As such, you’ve got something that’s designed by people who know what to look for in a good SIEM platform.

With LogRhythm SIEM, security professionals can get a lot of different things all rolled into this one package. There’s threat lifecycle management, security automation and orchestration, targeted searches, and even compliance reporting.

What are the main features of LogRhythm SIEM?

As you can imagine, a product like this has lots of features that make it easy to identify threats, respond quickly, and neutralize any problems.

At the same time, has a high degree of usability, so it’s straightforward for all security professionals to adopt and use.

Here are the main features of LogRhythm SIEM:

Real-Time Monitoring

Ultimately, you need your SIEM software to work in real-time with you. This platform utilizes Automated Machine Analytics to analyze all security events and the forensic data available. As a result, all security teams are given real-time intelligence reports into potential threats. Not only that, but the threats are ordered by their risk priority, allowing you to deal with the most significant ones first.

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Automated Responses

A crucial aspect of working in cybersecurity is the ability to respond instantly. When LogRhythm SIEM identifies a threat, you can call upon the SmartResponse Automation Framework to carry out different tasks. These can be decided by you before any events occur, so the system just kicks into gear and investigates certain threats or responds to them the moment they’re alerted upon. As you can imagine, this streamlines the whole process of identifying threats and dealing with them. Many can be handled without you having to do anything.

Threat Lifecycle Management

This is actually the name of a unique feature that you won’t see in any other SIEM. LogRhythm SIEM is designed to make your security operations far more efficient than they’ve ever been before. It is the only platform out there that currently has something called end-to-end threat detection. What this means is that you manage threats from the beginning all the way through to the end, all in one place. It makes the operation far more contained and easier to manage, while also lowering the cost of your cybersecurity software. Instead of needing a system to detect and system to respond/recover, it all takes place on the one platform.

Log Management

Storing and logging data is a vital part of any SIEM. With this one, you have one of the most effective and efficient log management systems around. You can store terabytes of data every single day, and you’ve also got immediate access to it. This is beneficial in instances where you need to find specific items of data for certain investigations. It’s very easy for you to search for what you need using structured and unstructured methods as well.

Network and Endpoint Monitoring

You have much greater access to endpoint and network activity when you use LogRhythm SIEM. It provides you with detailed forensic sensors that are built into the platform. As such, you can view any abnormalities in behavior to respond to any incidents in a far better way. It seems like a simple feature, but it allows you to manage network activity and endpoints with far more control and confidence.

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Detect Threats Through Data Analysis

The beauty of this platform? It uses data analytics to detect threats way before they become serious problems. The idea is simple; data analysis from LogRhythm lets you see the footprints of every device in your network, which allows you to view advanced threats against it. It’s almost like predicting something will happen based on previous behavior. The advantage of this is that you obviously end up with rapid threat detection meaning you can deal with potential issues in advance of them actually causing problems.

Easy Installation

This isn’t much of a technical feature, but it’s still beneficial for everyone that wants to use this platform. LogRhythm SIEM, when in the hands of a seasoned and trusted security team, can be installed in far less time than some of its competing products. This means that your security partner can get it up and running in no time. There’s no waiting around, so it’s an excellent option for your security software solution. To make things even better, you don’t have to worry about your network being affected while it’s installed. You can carry on doing what you’re doing while this installs in the background, so there’s no worry of any downtime.

An Effective Tool

LogRhythm SIEM is seen by many as a revolutionary security platform. It’s built by professionals for professionals, which means you’re greeted with a range of features that tackle some of the main sticking points usually associated with SIEM.

With the right system in place, you have a quick way of identifying suspicious activities and neutralizing them almost instantly. But LogRhythm, like any SIEM, is a tool. And a tool is only as effective as the expert that wields it.

If you’re interested in whether LogRhythm is a good fit for your IT infrastructure, reach out to us. At BitLyft, we’re LogRhythm experts and overall security professionals. Our Managed SIEM-as-a-Service might be the perfect fit for your needs. We’d love to have a short conversation about your company’s cybersecurity goals, and whether LogRhythm could be a great fit for your business.

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