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What is SIEM Software?

If you are in the process of setting up a new SOC team or want to try to improve your current one, then you should definitely think about getting some new SIEM software. 

SIEM software and is a solid investment for all kinds of businesses in various industries to counterattack cyber threats. 

7 Pitfalls of Using SIEM Tools

What Does SIEM Software Do?

SIEM stands for Security Information and Event Management.

SIEM software enables you to collect data relating to your IT infrastructure and cybersecurity, as well as keep a log and record of any kinds of incidents that occur.

Of course, it’s not just about collecting data – all of the best SIEM software services provide reports that make it easy to analyze the date. Some will even automatically analyze data in real-time, providing a view of all things going on within your information and data systems. This is extremely useful, as it could flag any suspicious incidents as soon as they occur.

Once IT departments and SOC teams start using a SIEM software service, they find that it is much easier to carry out a range of tasks, including threat monitoring, incident response, and creating reports on log data.

How Does SIEM Software Work?

The software analyzes logs from all data it collects from your business’s IT systems, software and infrastructure. This includes data from host systems, applications, cybersecurity tools, and your network, just to name a few. 

As it collects data the software analyzes it and create reports. It then has two objectives:

  • The software will use the data to create reports on any incidents and events related to cybersecurity. These could be things like failed logins, activity from possible malware, and any other activity that the software deems to be malicious.
  • If the software’s analysis does show any potential malicious activity, then it will flag this up by notifying you.

Why You Need SIEM Software In Your Business

Helps With Compliance

These days, being compliant with various industry standards and regulations is extremely important. Even though you usually won’t be obliged to comply with various standards, it is still in your best interest to do so. Compliance improves your cybersecurity measures and reduces the risk of your business being targeted by viruses, criminal hackers, and other potential data breaches. If you do use SIEM software, then you will be a lot more compliant with a number of different IT standards and regulations.

Improves Cybersecurity Measures

Using SIEM software protects your network and system from cyber attacks. It monitors all aspects of your IT infrastructure including applications, firewalls, antivirus, host systems, and network as well as so much more. If it does detect some form of suspicious activity, then it will instantly alert you to it. You will be able to respond quicker than if your team were trying to monitor your whole system manually. 

Gives You A Better Chance Of Identifying Any Culprits

What’s more, SIEM software provides a better chance of identifying possible culprits if you do ever suffer from a cyber attack or data breach. The authorities will want to see all of the data that your SIEM software has logged as this will show patterns and trends. If the culprit has struck before, they may be aware of the kind of patterns that he or she follows during an attack. So, using your data as evidence could help them find the criminal who was at the root of the crime.

Improves Customer Loyalty

These days, consumers are very aware of their privacy rights, as they should be. People are more apt to spend their money with businesses who have a strong privacy policy and don’t misuse the data and information that they collect from customers. Many organizations are doing all that they can to show customers just how much their privacy matters to them. If your customers know that your cybersecurity efforts include using SIEM software, then you can gain their loyalty more easily. 


Choosing A SIEM Software Service

  • Think about your budget. Every service provider will offer their SIEM software at different prices, and they may even have a sliding scale when it comes to their own packages. So, you need to think about what you can comfortably afford.
  • How easy will it be to integrate? You will need a software that can be easily integrated into your current IT setup and infrastructure.
  • What will the on-going service be like? If something goes wrong with the software, you will need to contact the provider for help and advice. Ideally then, you should go with someone who can offer you fantastic customer service and who responds quickly.

Our SIEM-as-a-Service through BitLyft AIR® provides you with a simple no-nonsense solution to keep your business safe from online threats. If you’d like to learn more, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today to speak to one of our representatives. 

BitLyft AIR® SIEM Overview


7 Pitfalls of Using SIEM Tools

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