Protect your production from cyber attacks

At FABTECH you learned during our keynote presentation how to build a strong cybersecurity defense in an increasingly connected world. Now it's time to take action. 


How We Help

24/7/365 Monitoring

Our team of 100% US-based  cybersecurity experts monitor, detect, and respond to cyberthreats around the clock. You don't have to worry about your network outside of business hours. We have you covered. 

Eliminate Annoying Alerts

Alert fatigue destroys your IT/Security productivity. We automate all of your repetitive tasks, and only show notify you for the alerts that need your attention. 

Scalable Pricing Model

Cybersecurity pricing shouldn't be confusing. We charge a fair price per user/per month. This allows your cybersecurity to grow with your organization. 

A true cybersecurity partnership

A Made-in-Michigan Partnership: Defense supplier UMBRAGROUP Partners with BitLyft Cybersecurity to Secure its Smart Manufacturing Operations.


cybersecurity team scnx

Visibility into your network, when you need it. 

You shouldn't have to have blind trust with your security vendor. In order to understand what is going on in your own network you need to have visibility. Your team will have access to every dashboard 24/7/365. 

What would it cost to stop production?

According to recent reports unplanned downtime costs manufacturing companies an estimated $926-$17,244/per minute due to cyber attacks. 


Blog: Top 7 Cyber Threats for Manufacturing Companies

Pricing Based on Users with Computer Access Only



100 - 250 Users

Securonix SIEM software licensing included, Data Storage Included

24x7x365 SOC Monitoring

Unlimited Automations

Threat Feed Sync Every 24 Hours

CylancePROTECT + Optics EDR Agents




500 - 5000 Users

Securonix SIEM software licensing included, Data Storage Included

24x7x365 SOC Monitoring

Unlimited Automations

Threat Feed Sync Every 24 Hours

CylancePROTECT + Optics EDR Agents



IT Manager

Electrical Utilities

"Unfortunately, it took a security issue before I found BitLyft. However, they quickly worked with me to get the issue resolved and have provided unmatched customer service."



Chief Information Officer

Higher Education

“Working with BitLyft has allowed us to not worry about this part of our business as much. We feel like our security is being taken care of, so we can give more attention to other tasks.”



Information Security Manager

Financial Institution 

"Great price, excellent service, and the product is phenomenal. It's a potent and capable tool and their knowledge and expertise in deploying and managing the tool and services that come with it are superb"


Security Risk Manager


"User-focused versus device focused, allows me to keep track of my most valuable asset which are my fellow employees/co-workers


The Nuts and Bolts

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

In order to make intelligent business decisions you need data. SIEM gives you the ability for real-time analysis of security alerts.

24/7/365 Fully Staffed Security Operations Center

No cybersecurity tool functions to it's full extent without people. Our team are highly trained on all of the top security tools available today. 

Eliminate Repetitive Alerts with Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR)

Alert fatigue can beat down even the most seasoned security analysts. Automating responses to these mundane alerts keeps our teams focused on the real issues.

Learn the lessons of cyber attacks without needing to face them

All of our clients are connected to our Central Threat Intelligence (CTI) platform. Whenever one of our clients is attacked, we immunize the rest of our clients before they have a chance to attack. 

The Force-Multiplier to Undersized IT/Security Teams

Hiring and retaining cybersecurity headcount has never been more challenging. With BitLyft you get a fully-staffed team for oftentimes less than you would spend for a single full-time employee.

You're never alone with BitLyft

From the time you start with us you gain not only our expert protection, but ongoing consultation as well. We deliver insight and recommendations on how to increase your security posture throughout the extent of our partnership. 

Don't wait for a cyberattack to take action.