Cybersecurity for Manufacturing and Industrial Plants

Manufacturing and industrial plants don’t typically view themselves as a target for cybercrime because that they do not have the same kinds of assets/personal information of places more associated with cybercrime. Due to this presumption, not surprisingly, the manufacturing industry has typically only instituted minor cybersecurity measures to secure their systems. Certain cybercriminals have recognized this and began attacking the manufacturing industry searching for proprietary information and ways of sabotage. It seems no one is safe anymore and the need for proper network visibility and threat neutralization is becoming necessary for everyone.

A Kaspersky labs report in 2017 reported that manufacturing companies were the most susceptible to cyber threats. This news is a double-edged sword. Now we know, and so do threat actors. It was demonstrated in 2017 that sophisticated threat actors are now targeting (IP) Intellectual Property held in less secure industries that have a strong focus on securing their physical environment but are severely behind the times in IT security.

Attacks are not exclusively prodding for IP, we have seen ransomware hold industries hostage costing millions, and entire operations grind to a halt due to being shut-down and knocked offline due to cyber attacks. This can be catastrophic for businesses that rely heavily on constant production and output. Disruptions in production cost millions annually and the risks associated with hackers will only increase these losses if we do not meet the threat head-on.

It is unfortunate that our threat environment is changing and now we all must have proactive cybersecurity measures in place.

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See how BitLyft is protecting one of its manufacturing clients from cyber attacks through its advanced monitoring and incidence response systems.

Understanding manufacturers need for additional help in Network Monitoring.

Manufacturers launch new products and expand facilities/locations often in growth. This means an extensive network is created with an array of enterprise applications. As the company grows and the network becomes more complex typically the in-house IT security team remains lean. Often this means that monitoring the network becomes quite laborsome, especially when using separate device logs and monitoring tools. Extracting information is no longer quick or easy to obtain. This is where BitLyft provides the solution.

How BitLyft monitors and secures your network.

Our solution is to provide you with a security operations center partnership. Our team becomes an extension of your IT team and shoulders the weight of implementing and managing cybersecurity measures. Step one is consolidation. We work with you to install a SIEM that provides a single point of consolidation for logs making searching and correlating data easy. Step two will be combining all of your monitoring tools into one platform so that we will be alerted if there are any security issues. Step three is setting alert thresholds tailored to the companies exact need. The fourth and final step is then working alongside you to manage the SIEM for you. With ongoing relationship management, we partner with to you achieve higher levels of security, gain better visibility into your network, and establish easier compliance and reporting.

Let us improve the efficiency of your security operations. Schedule a 15-minute meeting with a BitLyft cybersecurity specialist to see how we can help keep you secure your network.

  • Work with you to create a single consolidated point for log management and reporting
  • Combine all monitoring tools into one platform for more efficient network monitoring
  • Manage SIEM by providing a dedicated security operations center

Manufacturing Cybersecurity Services

24/7 SOC Monitoring: BitLyft’s Security Operations Center as a service model provides a fully-managed team that is trained to detect, respond and neutralize security threats 24/7.

SIEM Installation & Management: We provide full installation of (Security Information and Event Management) software and hardware, next we help you manage it utilizing our dedicated SOC team.

User Behavior Analytics (UEBA): BitLyft utilizes an Artificial Intelligence Engine to collaborate accounts into individual user identities. These can then be used to analyze user entity behavior, recognize behavioral anomalies and discover patterns of behavior that are a risk to the environment.

L7 Application Monitoring: Layer 7 application monitoring discovers attacks at an application level.

Cloud Security: We have the ability to detect and neutralize threats across cloud infrastructures, distributed IT environments, and cloud applications.

Advanced Network Analytics: By increasing visibility within the network we Improve detection accuracy and make finding and neutralizing threats faster than ever before.

Log Management & Reporting: Logs are collected and stored for faster review and reporting. This system is ideal for being able to pinpoint areas of concern so that threats can be uncovered quickly.

Compliance Assurance: Make enterprise compliance easier. We provide pre-configured compliance automated modules that address many of the most common regulatory frameworks.

Threat Remediation: Cut the mean time to detection and response down from days to seconds with our 24/7 SOC team who actively monitors and performs real-time threat remediation.

Zero-Day Solutions: With active monitoring we are able to see threats as they try to penetrate the environment. This means that those seeking to take advantage of previously undiscovered security vulnerabilities are recognized and dealt with immediately.

File Integrity Monitoring (FIM): Our system protects files where they are stored and alerts us to malware-related registry changes, improper access of confidential files, and theft of sensitive data.

Network Forensics: Collect and analyze essential traffic data, including information from event logs and forensic sensors to quickly identify potential threats.

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Manufacturing Cybersecurity Services

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