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Financial Services Cybersecurity Solutions

Protect assets and sensitive data with increased network visibility and active threat remediation.

BitLyft works with financial institutions to keep sensitive data protected


Cybercrime follows a trail of money. The financially motivated hacker aims to breach organizations that not only harbor large sums of cash, but are also home to sensitive data carrying a high price tag on the black market. This makes financial institutions the perfect target. Incentivized by a hefty payout, cybercriminals are increasing attacks that target financial institutions. These attacks can be extremely damaging, or even fatal, to a business. In fact, attacks such as ransomware, have the potential to completely disable operations.

As a financial institution and highly sought-after target, you need to take a proactive approach to cybersecurity. It’s essential that you deploy a security solution that is ready to rapidly mitigate cyberthreats and effectively protect your financial assets.

Hackers are finding new and more sophisticated ways to breach financial institutions and make off significant amounts of money. Your organization needs to meet today’s risks head-on and rapidly detect all threats in your highly sensitive network. A next-generation solution that can offer deep network visibility is essential to your security plan; it is also important that this solution be cost-effective to your organization.

When dealing with consumer financial information and assets, rapid detection and response can mean the difference between threat containment and a damaging breach that leaves your customers vulnerable to theft or extortion.

Your customers need to feel confident that their money is in safe hands and you need to ensure that your business does not come to a screeching halt if a cybercrime occurs. Schedule a 15 minute meeting with a BitLyft cybersecurity specialist to see how we can help keep you secure.

Finance Industry Cybersecurity Services

24/7 SOC Monitoring: BitLyft’s Security Operations Center as a service model provides a fully-managed team that is trained to detect, respond and neutralize security threats 24/7.

SIEM Installation & Management: We provide full installation of (Security Information and Event Management) software and hardware, next we help you manage it utilizing our dedicated SOC team.

User Behavior Analytics (UEBA): BitLyft utilizes an Artificial Intelligence Engine to collaborate accounts into individual user identities. These can then be used to analyze user entity behavior, recognize behavioral anomalies and discover patterns of behavior that are a risk to the environment.

L7 Application Monitoring: Layer 7 application monitoring discovers attacks at an application level.

Cloud Security: We have the ability to detect and neutralize threats across cloud infrastructures, distributed IT environments, and cloud applications.

Advanced Network Analytics: By increasing visibility within the network we Improve detection accuracy and make finding and neutralizing threats faster than ever before.

Log Management & Reporting: Logs are collected and stored for faster review and reporting. This system is ideal for being able to pinpoint areas of concern so that threats can be uncovered quickly.

Compliance Assurance: Make enterprise compliance easier. We provide pre-configured compliance automated modules that address many of the most common regulatory frameworks.

Threat Remediation: Cut the mean time to detection and response down from days to seconds with our 24/7 SOC team who actively monitors and performs real-time threat remediation.

Zero-Day Solutions: With active monitoring we are able to see threats as they try to penetrate the environment. This means that those seeking to take advantage of previously undiscovered security vulnerabilities are recognized and dealt with immediately.

File Integrity Monitoring (FIM): Our system protects files where they are stored and alerts us to malware-related registry changes, improper access of confidential files, and theft of sensitive data.

Network Forensics: Collect and analyze essential traffic data, including information from event logs and forensic sensors to quickly identify potential threats.





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It is no surprise that cybersecurity costs money, but did you know that utilizing the BitLyft team not only increases your security ratings but often lowers operating costs too? It is true, we have done the math. The cost of building infrastructure, licensing software, and dedicating man hours to implement and manage adds up fast. There is a better way.